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Corporate Retirement Plans

We help you secure your future and that of your employees while maintaining the future security of your business. We align you and your employees' goals with a plan to maximize contributions and tax efficiency.

Inclusive Approach  

We work with 300+ qualified plans and thousands of participants in the Greater New England area to define, analyze, and monitor their retirement plans to meet the needs of both their business and employees. We help streamline the process, choices, and administration by guiding clients in identifying the highest-quality retirement plans and supporting them through comprehensive, ongoing services.

Responsible Fiduciary

ERISA law requires companies offering corporate retirement plans to act prudently to meet their fiduciary responsibilities. CCR supports clients in meeting those obligations by offering a 401(k) retirement plan model with cost-efficient open architecture, unbiased investment advisory services, and full disclosure. Our model provides co-fiduciary insulation for plan sponsors, helping to ensure employees' required investment needs are being met through the plan. 

Objective Process 

Through a seven-step process, we work with you to define, analyze, meet, and monitor your firm’s retirement plan goals.

Step 1: Identify Goals and Objectives

We first meet with your plan trustee and key employees to identify your company’s goals and objectives. We help prioritize your goals, including partner savings, employee benefits, legal compliance, and firm tax efficiency.

Step 2: Analyze/Evaluate Current Plan and Possible Solutions

We help determine the ideal retirement plan design and investment platform options. We consult with your third-party administrator to help ensure the plan design and platform solutions work seamless together. We gather multiple proposals and analyze them to find the best fit for your company.

Step 3: Present Recommendations

We review the plan design and investment platform options with you to help you determine the solution that best aligns with your firm’s goals and objectives

Step 4: Establish Fiduciary Audit File

We work with you to help ensure your firm meets all its fiduciary responsibilities and is compliant now and in the future. The fiduciary audit file consists of an Investment Policy Statement, 404© compliance folder, vendor contracts, procedures and minutes, and government reporting.

Step 5: Conduct Enrollment and Education Meetings

Our team conducts enrollment and education meetings directly with you and your employees. These meetings help increase plan participation and maximize the value of the plan benefits for both trustee and plan participants.

Step 6: Report, Monitor, and Educate

We conduct yearly review meetings with your plan trustee(s) as well as plan participants. At these meetings, we educate all parties about new laws, investment options, and market conditions. These annual reviews allow us to continue to improve the plan and reconfirm that it is the best solution for your firm. 

Step 7: Ongoing Support and Services

We believe a successful retirement program depends on solid investments, comprehensive record-keeping and administration, and hands-on investment consultation. We therefore provide general retirement plan consulting services, retirement plan administration services, as well as financial planning for highly compensated employees.

Wide-Ranging Options

Working with some of the top retirement plan providers in the country, we offer an array of products and services that we tailor to your situation. With no proprietary products to sell, we work with you to select the most appropriate investment alternative for your needs: 

  • 401(k) plans
  • Cash balance plans
  • Defined benefit plans
  • Profit sharing plans 
  • 403(b) plans
  • SEP-IRAs

Ongoing Service and Support

  • Fiduciary responsibility support
  • Vendor selection
  • Investment selection and monitoring
  • Investment policy statement establishment, review, revision
  • Participant education and communication
  • Plan benchmarking
  • Administrative support
  • Creation of fiduciary audit file for plan trustees 
  • Support to address retirement questions from participants and trustees